Marie-Ange Vachon

Marie-Ange Vachon married a master carpenter, Alfred Jacques. By showcasing his skills in his own home, this house was his calling card, and it resulted in lots of work for Alfred over the years.

The house of  Alfred Jacques

The house of Alfred Jacques caption]

I feel so fortunate to have been a guest in that wonderful house a few times. The first time I met Marie-Ange,  I was impressed by her workaholic habits, so familiar in my own parents and grand-parents. On one occasion when we were fed a fabulous meal, Marie-Ange washed the dishes and Aurora set the table with all the dishes that was dried moments earlier.

“To keep the flies out”

She finished the task by covering the table with a clean, cotton tablecloth. “To keep the flies out”, Aurora said as I watched her with fascination.Marie Ange Jacques and daughter AuroraOne evening, Aurora came down from her bedroom wearing a mink wrap. How I envied her, this grown woman in her early 30s with this luxurious mink stole. We all walked to Saint Joseph’s Church for a special evening prayer, and both Marie-Ange and Aurora both wore mink wraps. The women laughed and laughed as we walked slowly on the street. Memories of these visits play back in my mind like it was yesterday. Life was so simple; everyone was so content.Marie Ange Jacques with daughter Aurora