1881 Canadian Census

As the population grew, each census told a more complete story of the lives of the hardy, soil-of-the-earth people who carved out their existence in the Beauce.  Here is the listing for the Evariste Poulin family in 1881:

1881 Census of Evariste Poulin family in Saint Joseph of Beauce village, Quebec.

  • Evariste       38 years
  • Eliza            29 years
  • Florence     11 years
  • Nazaire       9 years
  • Arthur         8 years
  • Alma           5 years
  • Almeria       3 years
  • Romeo        2 years
  • Gaudias      2 months

Raoul isn’t born yet so he’s not listed. Neither are two more brothers, one who lived less than 24 hours, the other dead before 48.