Name my Upcoming Novel

Exciting news everyone. My upcoming novel will be released in late 2018 or early 2019. If I self-publish, I will have the option to title my work. So if you are feeling adventurous today, perhaps you can help me vote on a good title.

First, a little bit about the story. It is 1907 in southern Quebec Provence and the main character is a grain grower named Nazaire Poulin form a little town in the Beauce Valley. He is forced to leave home to find work. That’s enough for now.

In no specific order, titles I am considering are:

Nazaire’s Promise
Out of the Beauce
After the Rush
Nazaire’s Promenade
One more mile
Nazaire’s Resolve


1909 Canadian Statistics

-The average age of ‘men’ was not more than 47 years.

-The essence of a ‘Ford 1909’ was sold only in ‘pharmacy’.

-Only ‘14% ‘of the houses had a’ bathtub ‘.

-Only ‘8%’ of the houses had the ‘telephone’.

-There were only 8,000 cars worldwide And only ‘144 miles’ of road were paved.

-In almost all cities the speed limit was ’10mph’.

-The highest structure in the world was the ‘Eiffel Tower’. ……..

-The average salary in the United States was ‘0.22 cents an hour’.

-The average wage of American workers was between $ 200 and $ 400 per year.

-An accountant could earn $ 2,000 in a year, A dentist about $ 2500, a veterinarian between $ 1500 and $ 4000 And a mechanical engineer $ 5,000.

– ‘95%’ of women gave birth in their home 90% of doctors had no college education. Rather, they had frequented what was known as a medical school condemned by the media of the time and governments as under-standardized.

-The sugar was sold at 0.04 cents a pound. – A dozen eggs were obtained for ‘0.14 cents’.

-The pound of coffee was at 0.15 cents.

– Most women would wash their hair ‘once a month’, and they used either Borax or egg yolk as ‘shampoo’.

-The ‘ Canada ‘ passed a law defending to all poor people to enter the country.

-The ‘five’ main causes of ‘death’ were: pneumonia or influenza, tuberculosis, diarrhea, heart disease and heart attack.

-The American flag had that 45 stars. (45 States ).

-In ‘1909’ , there was that 30 residents to Las Vegas, Nevada( U.S.A .) .

-The crossword puzzle, cans of beer and the cold tea had not yet been invented.

-There was no feasts of mothers and the feasts of the Fathers.

– Eight adults on ten could neither read nor write .

-Only 6% of all Americans had obtained their diploma of secondary .

-Marijuana , the heroin and morphine were sold

to the corner pharmacy as drugs .

-In ‘1909’, pharmacists were telling us that the heroin was cleaning the complexion , gave of energy to the brain , activated and régulates the stomach and the intestines and that finally it was ‘The Guardian Angel of health . Nice advertising hun!

– 18%’ of homes had at least one or a domestic or handmaid to full-time.

-In ‘1909’ , there were 230 killings reported in all ‘U.S.A’. ..

-‘ 95%’ of the taxes that we pay today did not exist in 1909 .

Courtesy of Serge Ferland

Les Statistics de Canada vers 1909

moyenne d’âge des ‘hommes’ était pas plus de 47 ans.

-L’essence pour une ‘Ford 1909’ n’était vendue qu’en ‘pharmacie’.

-Seulement ‘14%’ des maisons possédaient une ‘baignoire’.

-Seulement ‘8%’ des maisons avaient le ‘téléphone’ .

-Il n’y avait que ‘8,000’ automobiles dans le monde entier

et seulement ‘ 144 milles  de route étaient pavées .

-Dans presque toutes les villes la limite de vitesse  était de ’10mph’ .

-La plus haute   structure au monde était la  ‘Tour Effel’ . ……..

-Le salaire moyen aux Etats-Unis était de ‘0.22 cents l’heure’ .

-Le salaire moyen  des travailleurs Américains était entre ‘200$ et 400 $’ par année.

-Un professionnel comptable  pouvait gagner  2000$ dans une année,

un dentiste environ 2500$ , un vétérinaire  entre  1500$   et  4000$

et un ingénieur  mécanique 5000$ .

-‘ 95%’ des  femmes accouchaient dans leur  demeure

.-‘ 90%’ des  médecins n’avaient pas d’éducation collégiale. Ils avaient plutôt fréquenté, ce qu’on appelait, une  école médicale   condamnée par les médias du temps et les gouvernements comme étant  sous standardisée .

-Le  sucre se vendait à  ‘0.04 cents la livre’ .

-On obtenait une  douzaine  d’œufs pour  ‘0.14 cents’ .

-La   livre de café   était à  ‘0.15 cents’ .

-La plupart des femmes se lavaient les cheveux  ‘qu’une fois par mois’ , et elles utilisaient soit du  Borax   ou du  jaune d’œuf   comme  ‘shampoing’ .

-Le   ‘ Canada ‘ a passé une  loi défendant

à   toutes personnes pauvres d’entrer au pays.

-Les  ‘cinq’ principales causes de  ‘décès’   étaient : La pneumonie ou influenza,
la tuberculose, la diarrhée, maladie du cœur et attaque cardiaque.

-Le drapeau Américain n’avait que  45 étoiles.  (45  États ).

-En   ‘1909’ , il n’y avait que  30  résidants  à  Las Vegas au Nevada( U.S.A .) .

-Les mots croisés, les cannettes de bière et le thé froid n’avaient pas encore été inventés.

-Il n’y avait pas de fêtes des mères et fêtes des pères.

Huit  adultes sur  dix ne savaient  ni lire ni écrire .  Et en 2015, on s’en va vers moins de 8 adultes sur 10 qui ne savent ni lire ni écrire!!!

-Seulement   6%   de tous les Américains avaient obtenu leur diplôme de secondaire .

-La   marijuana l’héroïne et la  morphine  étaient vendues

à la pharmacie du coin comme  médicaments .

-En  ‘1909’, les pharmaciens nous disaient que l’héroïne nettoyait la complexion , donnait de l’énergie au cerveau , activait et régularisait  l’estomac et lesintestins  et qu’enfin c’était ‘l’ange gardien de la santé’ . Belle publicité hein !

-‘18%’ des domiciles avaient au moins un ou une domestique ou servante à plein temps.

-En   ‘1909’ , il y eut   230   meurtres   rapportés dans tous les  ‘U.S.A’. ..

-‘ 95%’ des  taxes que nous payons aujourd’hui n’existaient pas en 1909 .

Gracieuseté de Serge Ferland

Being a Vermonter

Moving from Quebec to Vermont in the 1920s gave rise to many challenges for Raoul Poulin and his family. New language, currency, units of measure, yards instead of meters – what a lot of changes.

It took courage and determination to leave all that you had known in your life, and thrust yourself into a different and uncertain environment.

Being a Beauceron

Many people have experienced floods, but living along the Chaudière River is a lifelong test of endurance and love for your land. The beautiful Beauce Valley still reflects rich fields of grain, extraordinary verdant vistas and a feeling of “being at home” in any of dozens of picturesque villages.

Nestled a bit lower than the surrounding region, the Beauce is known as “little Florida” as the harsh winter cold doesn’t quite hit the bottom of the valley. Cozy, eh?