Edmond Poulin – Frêre Luc Malachy FSC

Brother Luke Malachy FSC

Brother Luke Malachy FSC

Edmond Poulin found his calling at a very young age.  By 18 years old, he was a student at the locally-growing l’Academie Sainte-Marie in the adjacent village of Saint-Marie de Beauce. Upon graduating, Edmond chose to join the Lasalliens, religious men who take a vow of poverty, dress in a long, black cossack with very wide, very long sleeves and white collar.  Edmond dedicated himself to teaching the children of the poor.  On the streets, these religious men were known as “long sleeves”. Edmond Poulin chose the religious name of Frêre Luc Malachy (Brother Luke Malachy) and served the order of the Christian Brothers of La Salle for the remainder of his life.  During his religious lifetime, he achieved many accomplishments, becoming the Director of various large educational schools.  He was a pious man, humble and dedicated to the Lasallien mission within the Catholic Church.


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