Welcome to the Beauce Valley

Thanks for stopping by and exploring the Pioneers of the Beauce Valley, a blog about the people of the Beauce, a fertile valley in southern Quebec.

Going down the street to the center of Saint Joseph de Beauce.

Going down the street to the center of Saint Joseph de Beauce.

The Beauce Valley was originally populated by Abenaki, Algonquin and many other smaller First Nation bands.  This region of Quebec slowly grew from the 1800s with a constant influx of immigrant French, English, and Irish. People from the many villages of the Beauce include a strong legacy of determination, perseverance, and beliefs that live on today.  Beaucerons are still the hardest-working people of Quebec.  Their reputation for conscientious and honest workers is known an admired far and wide.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Beauce Valley

  1. Dear Joyce,do you really know what went on there,it was hell on earth,Me and my sister were there I was 3 and my sister 5 we were boarders.My mother left us with my father and he left us with the nuns.Once in awhile he would come and take us out,we were there till we graduated 8th grade.Never ,ever once did a nun Hug,console,or say anything nice.Never let me see my sister except through a 10ft fence separating the girls from the boys,this was in 1958 to 1966.They did of coarse know how to give out punishments,which today would be child abuse.The only positive we ever got was the love we have for Our Lord. PS That place was so bad my sister suffered a nervouse breakdown and never fully recovered she has been on medication since8th grade and attempting suicide several times.I am glad you had a positive experience but not all of us did.


    • Leo, I’m so sorry your experiences were so bad. Although I was never verbally, nor otherwise abused, I also sensed the isolation and depression that you and your sister felt, but to a much lighted degree. The nuns served a necessary social need as so many couples had baby after baby with no opportunity for birth control coming from God, nor church. So many couples could not afford to feed, nor care for their own children. This doesn’t justify what happened to you and your sister. I hope you can forgive them their shortcomings. Many children of all countries have had bad experiences at the hand of their belief system. You are not alone.


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